Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lee Kholafai : Iranian Hunk

Iran or Persia is great country. History written that the Great Cyrus is considered as the greatest king ever live in this world. This was proved that Persian men is strong, powerful and respectable. Persian Empire itself considered as 4th largest kingdom ever based on land. This was another proof that Persian is amazing.

Now Persia is changes his name to be Iran. Iran is a country located in the middle east with the capital city of Tehran. This country populated of almost 35 millions peoples and growing.. This country now fall under Khomeini Regime and leads now by controversial president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Everyday we heard about Iran is all about nuclear program which is claimed illegal by United Nation Iran itself claimed that their nuclear program was for peace purpose. They said this nuclear program will help Iran's energy crisis in the future. Many believe this nuclear program will leads the world on World War III.

Beside of Iranian controversial Nuclear program, the world never know that Iran have a lot of sexy men. If you look at the news, you will see actually many Iran's men is handsome and attractive. Iran hunk is one of the best men in the middle east. and please remember Iranian is different from their Islamic fellow the Arabs. Many Iranian will mad of you , if you said that they are an Arab. Yes that's true, in fact they hotter than Arab.

There are little of Iranian Male model because the country is stricted by Sharia Law which is forbids men and women to wear clothes which show their inside body. But of course there is an exception, for example this Iranian Hunk. His name is Lee Kholafai, he was an Iranian model who born in Alabama but raised both in Iran and Alabama, USA.

Lee Kholafai is top male model of Iranian descent. This Iran hunk already work with some huge fashion company just like Calvin Klein and International Jock. He recognized as one of sexy underwear model. He now live in Miami, Florida, a place where he discovered by top model searcher.

Lee accidentally joining the modelling industry, the story begins 2 years ago when He walking down to South Beach, Florida. Meanwhile he enjoying the beach,a model searcher notice him and when Lee decide to go home, the model searcher come to him and asking whether he want to becoming a male model. Lee replied that He will try it. And the beginning of his career started. Lee got a lot of job since then and has working with so many huge fashion company. He also join many big fashion show runaway. Lee already covered and being spread photographed in several top magazine such as Vogue and Genre.

Lee is ambitious, full of confident and absolutely comfortable being photographed with only tiny clothes in the front camera. Even his saying that his main goal every time is to make the camera sweat.

Well, of course Lee, our eyes also becoming swat after seeing your sexy pictures!

Lee Kholafai Biography :
  • Full Name : Lee Kholafai
  • Nick Name : Lee
  • Birth of Place : Alabama,USA
  • Ages : 23
  • Nationality : Iranian, American
  • Etnicity : Iranian-American
  • Height : 6'1
  • Weight : 165 lbs
  • Eyes : Hazel
  • Hair : Brown
  • Hobbies : Playing with his dog, going to the beach
  • Management : Vision Model Management(LA), Red Model Management (NYC)
  • Has Working with : Calvin Klein, International Jock

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